Milan Fashion Week: what to expect

Italy is known for many things ranging from beautiful mountains and great landscapes to the best foods and wine you can think of but another sector that certainly touches the hearts of the Italian people is the fashion industry.

That is why Italy hosts some of the greatest fashion events that attract fashion lovers and designers from all over the world. The Milan fashion week is one great event that takes place only twice a year but one that leaves a big mark on the country as well as on the visitors.CNC-COSTUME-NATIONAL-FASHION-SHOW-SS-2011-MILANO-FASHION-WEEK1

For some of the renowned fashion lovers and designer, the Milan fashion week is always an event to look forward to. This is because many things happen with designers from all walks of life and from all over the world gracing the occasion with their creativity on the cat walks.

It is not surprising that all the attention is already focused on the Milan fashion week 2014 because each event is always as fresh as it is new to both fashion buyers and designers. Everyone coming for the week-long trade fair comes with great expectations.


The History and Genesis of the Fashion Week

The Milan fashion week dates back several decades since it was first held way back in June of 1958 after the formation of the National chamber for Italian fashion. It is one of the four major fashion weeks of the world.

This event takes place twice every year during the autumn and winter time between February and March and once again in the springMilano Fashion Week and summer months of September and October. Since the beginning of this event in 1958, it has grown to form part of the major international fashion weeks calendar that includes other three major fashion events namely, the London fashion week, New York fashion week and the Paris fashion week.

Major Attractions to Expect At the Fashion Trade Fair In 2014

Just as other events that have been held in the past years, the general expectation of the exhibitors as well as fashion enthusiasts and shoppers is to have a fully parked event with many things to see and buy as well as a forum to meet people in the fashion industry from all corners of the world.

The expectations are clearly visible in the online activities that are already attracting lots of activities. Major fashion blogs are already full of relevant stories that can only trigger more expectations.

All Italian fashion blogs are currently discussing the up and coming event with lots of nostalgia and expectations. It is easy to note that many are already planning on certain things come the big day.

If you have not had a chance to attend any of the past events, you are probably wondering what will happen at the event to be held towards the end of February and beginning of March this year. You can easily get a hint of probable events and even some of the major exhibitors and a host of famous Italy design experts in the fashion sector by reading some of these blogs.

In Moda Veritas

From this blog, you will get latest updates on trending fashion with stories about different fashion events and players in the sector. Don’t miss the look section of the blog, with charming and trending look suggestions.

VeryFP Very’s fashion blog
This is another fashion blog that boasts some of the trends that have been on top over the last few months and year. Veronica will give you precious advices on shoes’ collections, outdoor clothing as well as office wears.milan_fashion_week_street_style_fashion_blogger_sophia

The Annelicious
If you are looking for insights into designs that young people may like in the year 2014, you can visit this site that is owned by Anna, a 24 year old girl who actually loves life and fashion in all directions. This site can only point to the diversity of culture and age and how they affect fashion sense.

The Cihc
For anyone looking for fashion trends and chic outfits for independents women, you should make a point of visiting this blog. You will find inspirational designs complete with images that will catch your attention even if you do not understand the language. A picture they say speaks a million words.

Even as the world adapts to the new changes in technology, hand-made designs with their feel and look still have a captivating effect on some people, especially for the ones who like the natural and simple look. You must check out this blog for great images that will certainly influence your opinion about Italian fashion.

Rock ‘n’ Mode
Make-up and lingerie are an integral part of any fashion especially when looking at women. You cannot hit the road without both of these items even after getting the trendiest clothes on. You can visit this blog for a variety of choices if you are looking for something to complement your new outfit. In the section “Fashion Week” you can get interesting news on the Milan Fashion Week and the most important catwalks in Italy.calendario-sfilate-pe-2013-milano_784x0_jpg_940x0_q85

Becoming Trendy
For anyone who believes that fashion changes with times, it is important to stay trendy and there is no better place to look for trending fashion that at this blog. Miriam will take you in a magical world with her unique style and her high quality images.

Claude’s Code
Fashion is always a reflection of the society. This is easy to note by looking at some unique designs and ideas from this blog. They include sophisticated outfits, but also items such as handbags, shoes without forgetting jewellery. You can also visit sections about travel, events and beauty, in order to experience Italy in all directions.

A Cup of Fashion
You can still get some great tips from this site even though the owner has launched a new site which is already live. You can get more insights of the Italian fashion world from the new webpage, where Larissa will give you lots of interesting trendy advices.20070226milan

The only male fashion blog of the list, where fashion and pictures are completely integrated and you cannot separate them in any way. If you want to get some of the best shots out of trendy male outfits or of any Italian fashion event, you must make a point of visiting this portal.

With all the actions likely to take place at the up and coming fashion fare in a few weeks, it is advisable to spare some time to visit Italy so as not to miss out on the fashion trends of 2014. There will be lots of new things and a chance to interact with great people as well as designers from all over the world. You do not want to miss this for anything.