Top 5 Fall Festivals and Events in Italy

Autumn is the best time to visit Italy. The weather is beautiful, the crowds of tourists have thinned out, and the fall Italian festivals are in full swing. Attending festivals is not only fun, it is a good way to learn about

Italian culture and

traditions in Italy.

Most festivals in Italy are based on historic events. They often include processions of people in period costume, local

Italian food, contests and fireworks. Most Italian festivals are free but attendance at some events may require purchase of a ticket.

  1. Alba White Truffle Festival

The white truffle is harvested in the fall. This delicious fruit of the woods grows in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. In the city of Alba the white truffle market is in full swing through October and November. White truffles are sold for astonishing prices in the market, and the delicious scent of the truffle wafts everywhere.

The White Truffle Festival is held on weekends October 11th through November 16th in conjunction with the truffle market. There are concerts, wine tastings and gourmet foods to sample, including traditional dishes made from white truffles.

There are truffle auctions, a donkey race and classes on how to cook truffles. Medieval reenactments of culturally important events are staged nearby.

Alba itself has much to offer in addition to the truffle festival- fine food, wines, and restaurants, castles and a lovely medieval downtown. Many of the towns near Alba also offer truffle festivals throughout the fall. If you want to stay for at least a weekend in a comfortable, centrally located villa, check Casa Saltini out.

  1. Eurochocolate

The Eurochocolate festival is held in Perugia, October 17th through October 26th. This vast celebration of chocolate offers a huge variety of different chocolates from around the world.

There are chocolate tastings and workshops on chocolate making. An amazing variety of souvenirs made out of chocolate are available for sale. Street performers, chocolate art, and chocolate sculptures will amaze and delight.

The crowning event is a competition among master chefs to produce the most mouth-watering chocolate pastry. In addition to its chocolate delights the city of Perugia offers art, music, ancient buildings and a rich culture. During the chocolate festival the city can become quite hectic, so if you want to retire to a quiet villa to rest check Villa Lavinia out.

  1. Romaeuropa Festival

The Romaeuropa Festival begins September 24th and runs through November 30th. This festival of the arts takes place in 15 different spaces throughout Rome. This year, the festival has been given the theme Life Blood and includes the 5th edition of Digital Life.

Experience dance, music, theater, contemporary circus, and art at over 100 different performances by artists from 19 different countries. An English version of this year’s Program for the Romaeuropa Festival can be downloaded here.

Schedule your visit to Rome to include the Film Festival as well as the Romaeuropa Festival for an overload of art and cultural experiences.

  1. Rome Film Festival

The famous Rome Film Festival runs October 16th through October 25th. Participate in the selection of the People’s Choice Award in different categories after viewing the world premieres of numerous important films. Catch a glimpse of famous film artists. And of course enjoy all the art, restaurants, and culture that Rome has to offer. Instead of staying in a boring hotel, why not stay in a luxurious villa?

  1. All Saints Eve

Halloween in Italy is not to be missed. Come for the Film Festival, Eurochocolate or White Truffle Festival and stay through Halloween (October 31st), All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). These days are traditionally celebrated throughout Italy with entertainment, costumes and parties.

Family-friendly costume parties are held throughout the day, and nightclubs, bars and restaurants continue the celebration late into the night with costume parties for adults. Some restaurants offer special gourmet Halloween-themed dinners.

Many towns show horror movies, or hold musical events in conjunction with fireworks. Others offer midnight walking tours through their medieval dungeons, towers and crypts. Pay a visit to one of Italy’s historically important but spooky and macabre collections of mummies and bones in the ancient crypts and catacombs.