Today we propose a simple and tasty recipe to prepare an excellent Italian pizza with your own hands and give you an experience that will allow you to travel with your own senses. Italy holds a large part of the world’s cultural heritage.

In conversation with Cesare Casella, a chef on the Upper West Side who welcomes lovers of Italian cuisine and prepares typical dishes following a few simple rules: simplicity, authenticity and respect for the territory.  But, above all, a love for his homeland

An interview with Sante De Sanctis, the Roman chef who lives and works in Stuttgart, extolling the virtues of Italian cuisine in his restaurant as well as by writing books and making television appearances. His stories, as well as his dishes, demonstrate his great love of Rome and, in particular, one of the city’s most characteristic districts, Testaccio. He reveals exclusively to “Emotions in Italy” the most thrilling moment of his life: the day maestro Pavarotti came into his kitchen and starting to sing with him …Sante de Sanctis

Italian Cuisine, the best ambassador