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When it comes to men’s fashion, Italian fashion is often the yard stick of chic worldwide.

Italian fashion has evolved over centuries to be a global authority in the fashion industry. This success story is not as easy as it sounds. In fact Italy just like many other countries used to look to the west for the latest fashion. Men used to get their fashion designs from Paris and London.

However, after World War II, the Italian government began to seek for ways to ensure that the country does recover from the effects of the war by re building the economy. The craft products such as men Italian shoes and leather products that were aimed for the USA market were developed.

However the elegant and distinct Italian stylish outfits for men, was not noticeable until the 1970’s. This came about as a result of the clothes being worn by key film actors in conspicuous roles.

The suits worn by the actors were made by Italian fashion designers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Gianfranco Ferrè, Emilio Pucci and Giorgio Armani but also by fashion brands such as Castangia and Brioni; the shoes were mainly made by Gucci while Missoni became a central fashion brand for the sweaters. As a consequence, the city of Milan became the premier showcase of Italian fashion style, in the ready to wear sector.

The adoption of the vertical integration system resulted in the owners and designers having total autonomy over all the operation stages ranging from production of the textile, designing and even retailing of the designs all over the country.

The twentieth century saw Milan men’s fashion week making a debut as an essential stop for buyers and journalists. By the twentieth century Milan men’s fashion week had joined the likes of Paris and New York as powers to reckon with in the fashion industry. blog-message

Nowadays, Italian men fashion is very popular in the whole world and a number of classical design labels continue to pull up innovative and beautiful fashion design garments. In order to appeal for men appeal to more clients, the Italian designers offer low priced lines in their product lines and try to appeal for men to buy. The Italian menswear is designed to make the men look good. At first glance it might appear to be about simplicity and veracity.

There are a number of blogs that elucidate more about the Italian male fashion. Here are some of the top men fashion blogs in Italy.

The Three F

This is the first Italian Menswear Fashion Blog by Filippo Fiora, an architect, and Filippo Cirulli, a graduating marketer, that is dedicated mainly to sophisticated personal outfits, including men’s style guide and forum and also fashion lifestyles. In 2010, mentioned this blog as one of the best upcoming blog of the year.

MDV Style

This is a blog by Mariano Di Vaio a beautiful Italian fashion blogger and model. It focuses on a number of items ranging from men’s outfits and fitness, kid’s corner, hairstyle, girls corner and lifestyle. Mariano is particularly active on social media such as Instagram, You Tube and Facebook, where he usually posts stunning photos with street style outfits.

Beats ‘n Boots

This is blog by Deni Beat, a famous Italian singer and blogger. In this blog you can find pure examples of amazing urban outfits, where the street culture is expressed through the combination of different styles: neo gothic, hip hop, hipster and total black. As the name of the blog points out, it is not only about fashion (with a particular focus on men’s boots), but it includes all the hot news about music and entertainment.

Men’s Reverie

This is a small independent homemade webzine by Marco Ravanetti, which is dedicated to a Italian men’s lifestyle. It has roots in Milan and eyes on the world’s fashion. It focuses on stories, curiosities and trends that relate to man’s new lifestyle.

Your Mirror Style

This is a blog by Lorenzo Liverani, an Italian designer. It involves a series of shots from unique styles that highlights passion for fashion and culture of tailoring. It helps thousands of online users all over the world to connect discover and be inspired about the Italian Men’s styleclothing-rack-jake-wilton

About Men

This is a blog by Christian Muraglia and one of the most authoritative men fashion blogs in Italy. It focuses on men’s fashion, menswear, outfits, fashion tips and men’s lifestyles. It specifically concentrates on clothing tips and advices for men.

Simply Mr. T

This is for sure one of the best men fashion blogs in Italy. It is written by Marco Taddei, popularly referred to as Mr. T. The blog aims to provide a modern interpretation of the gentleman.

Guy Overboard

This is blog by Riccardo Onorato a graphic and web designer involved in creativity projects in Rome. His passion for men fashion inspired him to set up this blog. It focuses on ideas for street wear and urban style for “bear men”.

I Monili 2010

Edward Alaimo, a student in marketing and communication in Rome, writes this men style blog. He has an impressive fashion background which he uses on his blog to show a real identity of fashion in the magic island of Sicily.

IT Boy

This is a blog by Luca Vezil. He began the blog by sharing his street fashion concept about the Italian style man on instagram and later opened the blog so as to publish outfits and engage followers.

The Fap

This is a blog by a 20year old fashion blogger from Rome, Italy, by the name of Matteo Branchetti Micucci. It seeks to present unique and authoritative fashion artistic pictures of the Italian young men’s fashion, also on his Instagram account.

Born This Fashion

Daniele Bonifazi uses his blog to further the notion that clothes are not just meant to keep us warm. He suggests that rather, they change the way we view the world with our eyes, even for men.

Who’s Daf

This is a blog by Dario Fattore an Italian student who uses this blog as a virtual diary about his life and to express his passionate emotion for fashion through pictures of himself. He shows his outfits as an illustration of Italian men style and fashion in general.

Fashion Seducer

Dario Venuti is the owner of this style blog for men. He created the blog so as to share with the world his ideas and opinions on fashionable Italian clothing for men in the world today. 68___Selected

Gn’T Style

This is a men’s urban fashion blog by Gian and Teo, respectively an architect and a business consultant. The blog focuses on everything and anything that one needs to know about class and style of men’s fashion.

This is Me

This is an fashion blog founded by the young Tommaso Rosati, who became a fashion entrepreneur at the age of sixteen. It is the first Italian men’s fashion blog that is dedicated to propose mode low cost. The blog focuses on a number of items such as beauty, lifestyle, outfit and travels.


This is a blog by Pierluigi Musco a 19 year old fashion blogger form Italy. The blog focuses on the casual looks for the modern young man. It includes shoes, shirts, jacket, watch, sunglasses and bags.

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