Venice Carnival

If you have never visited Venice in Italy and you are considering a visit one of these fine days, consider doing so during the Venice carnival that takes place some 40 days before the start of Easter holidays.

According to records, carnival of Venice is believed to have started out way back in 1162 as a celebration of the victory of Serenissima Repubblica against the Patriarch of Aquileia. It is documented that it started as a victory dance as a show of appreciation and reunion in the San Marco square.

Many years later, this event has grown in popularity and currently involves a host of cultural activities that attracts people from all over the world. It is worth pointing out that the festival actually attracts many people from all over the country and even beyond.Fotolia_6474521_M

The most common feature that makes the event stand out is the Venice masks and flashy outfits that are visible almost everywhere. If you plan to visit Italy to enjoy the carnival, make sure you get a good mask to conform.

Considering the popularity and interest the Venice Carnival attracts, it is advisable to check out several blogs for information from different people and on various perspectives on the carnival when making preparations to visit during the carnival. Some good sources where you can find information on the carnival include the following.

Venetian Cat

If you have never been to Venice, you should make sure you consider outfits that are good for the beaches. This is because Venice is a city that is actually surrounded by lots of water. During the carnival time, many events take place and one of the most popular events is the Venice gondola race. From this portal, you can find lots of information together with some of the best images captured during previous carnival and Venice gondolier boat competitions.

The Venice Experience

From this blog, you might just realize that everything is not only about the carnival. There are many other events that build up to the big festival. If you intend to learn more about other related traditions, you can start by reading stories about the witch, La Befana who is known to fly around on a broom delivering sweets and candies to the lucky Italian kids.

This is just one of the many traditions that you can find in Venice. Other events include shows from clowns and comedians hosted on public beaches and public parks. In the whole carnival period you will also notice groups of people wearing all the way beautiful traditional Venice masks not to mention the folklore music.venezia-carnevale

Colazione a Venezia

Almost everyone understands the fame that Italy has all over the world when it comes to delicacies. It would not be fair to visit Italy for a festival such as the Venice carnival and fail to mention the food. There are hosts of Italian cuisines available at different outlets. It is needless to point out that many restaurants in Venice are full at this time of the year. You can find lots of information about food and restaurants at this portal.

Slow Tours of Venice

It is good to point out that the carnival mood often disguises lots of other things about the city of Venice. If you only pay attention to the pomp and color that the carnival is famous for, you might easily miss the other aspects of the town that are not as glamorous as the carnival. You can however check out this portal to find samples of other silent places and features that you can enjoy while visiting.

Living Venice

In order to enjoy a visit to any place, you need to have the best transport arrangements. This is often a major challenge for persons visiting a place for the first time. If you want to get around with ease, you should start by visiting this page because it contains all necessary information on travel, hotel bookings and many other aspects of a tourist lifestyle.

Fotolia_2376771_MCapturing Venice

When you visit Venice during this carnival, it is not unusual to find several exhibitors from other places also trying to impress visitors. From this web page, you can find lots of information on other countries as well that decide to showcase what they have to offer the world. You can get information on Australia by visiting the Australian pavilion or by simply visiting this page for stories and pictures of Venice and its traditional Italian culture.

Henderson in Venice

To understand a town better, you should take a journey into its cultural practices, its people and many other things. Thanks to the novelist Michael Henderson and its blog, you will have the opportunity to see photos of different situations in Venice ranging from the snowy times to lots of other great features that give the city its identity.

Pop Up Venice

Fashion is a major aspect of culture. It is no wonder everyone has a special way of dressing that defines their culture and origin. From this particular website, you will enjoy images of great Italian models in a Venice setting and background and much more. The blend of the Italian tradition and Venice is amazing in every sense but especially when shot in the backdrop of the Venice gondola ride.