Venice masks: history, tradition and luxury of the Venice Carnival

Given the unique look of the Venice mask, many travelers are understandably interested in their background.

09d57bc602e33e7dba6fa71480130d41These Venice masks actually have a long and storied history associated with them, since their origins date back centuries.  Some of the first recorded references to them occur in the 12th century, when the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice would celebrate major military victories.

Over the years, they have actually become a standard feature of many celebrations held within the city.  They are nearly universally recognized as Commedia dell’arte, which has added to their overall appeal for many people interested in the local culture of Venice.

Today, there are actually several different types of Venice carnival masks that are worn for these different types of celebrations.

The Bauta is perhaps the best known of these carnival masks, owing to their appearance in many films.  They are typically recognized by their porcelain white coloring and slightly exaggerated features.

The Medico della Peste mask was introduced as a remembrance of the plague.  It is often seen as a Memento Mori component of the Venice carnival, or a remembrance of death.  It is is easily recognized by the elongated nose featured on the mask, which was inspired by the mask worn by plague doctors throughout history.

There are a full range of other carnival of Venice masks that will add to the look that people can get.  At Venice Carnival 2014, some travelers will want to check out the Zanni mask.  This is another mask that will tend to distort the features of the face, but this one includes leather components. Venice

These carnival masks are often made in the surrounding area, owing to the superb craftsmanship of the local artisans here.  These Venice carnival masks can also be customized to suit the unique appearance of many people, changing in shape or size to suit the needs of the wearer.

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