5 fashion trends for travelling in Italy

Fashion in Italy has long formed a part of the country’s cultural life, and played a key role in its society and traditional lifestyle.

This has been the case for hundreds of years, and is the result of a strong artistic development from the eleventh century onwards. While France became a contender for being the main fashion trendsetter, Italian fashion fought back after World War II, responding to Chanel and Dior with labels like Gucci and Armani.

Elegance and glamour are strongly linked with Italian style and fashion, just like with their art and their food, so here are a few tips on Italian fashion and style.

1. Get the shoes right 

You may or may not notice, but your feet are always a key part of the equation when it comes to Italian fashion style. And, being in Italy, leather shoes are pretty essential, and suede shoes are very popular too. Remember, regardless of the Italian fashion trends of the moment, shoes should be kept clean, polished and presentable.

2. Unwritten dress codes

If you are attending a meal in a restaurant, have booked into a luxury hotel, or perhaps are heading over to a party, do not expect there to be a dress code. This is because it is already expected. Italians show respect in their outfits in accordance with the level of the place they are going or the people with whom they will be. Making an effort to dress nicely is always appreciated.

3. Not abuse of sports clothes

Unless you are actually practicing some form of sport, sports clothing usually does not constitute fashion in Italy. You are likely to stand out if you are wearing your football shirts or running shoes around the streets.

4. Keep an eye on the time and place

Not only do Italians set international seasonal trends, but they also divide their days into appropriate outfits, often requiring separate outfits for different portions of the day. For example, men never wear shorts when they are out in the evening, and when going to church, men and women never wear anything that displays their shoulders.

5. Make sure it fits

Italian fashion trends are always consistent in that they promote well-fitting garments. This means that men don’t wear baggy t-shirts, or anything else that is baggy for that matter. A well-tailored jacket is a popular and stylish addition to many outfits, and is seen frequently in Italian fashion.
These are all good tips to follow Italian fashion and style generally, and will surely be appreciated when roaming around major fashion hubs like Milan and Rome.

Italian fashion trends vary just like any other, but it will soon become obvious when you are surrounded by a plethora of well-dressed locals. For example, colored trousers are currently very popular among men and women, as well as blue and white colors, particularly for women.

A general rule of thumb is that Italians like to be comfortable in their clothing, so do not sacrifice your comfort for fashion. That being said, all of the tips presented above allow for the perfect combination of style and comfort!