10 Hidden Gems of Italy

There are endless attractions in Italy, including the vineyards of Tuscany, the Colosseum of Rome, the museums of Florence and the gondola rides of Venice. How about digging a bit deeper than the most obvious ones? There are some stunning gems including the Saturnia natural hot springs, the mysterious Lecce, the coastal town of Levanto, and much more.

Saturnia Natural Hot Springs

Saturnia is a small town that is known for its
thermal springs. The town dates back to the second century BC and has stunning medieval walls that welcome you into the town. There is the Bagno Santo, the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, and of course the springs, which stretch to the hills of Fiora. Choosing a luxury villa can position you close to the hot springs so you can go back again and again.


One of the hidden gems of Italy is found along the Italian Riviera. The town of Levanto is the doorway to Cinque Terre and has a beautiful coastline along with access to the Cinque Terre National Park. There are many things to see and do, including enjoying local delicacies and spending time out on the water.

There is also the Church of Sant’Andrea. A luxury villa, such as La Trusera Di Mare provides you with accommodations that are far more panoramic and charming than a hotel.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio is not the easiest place to get to if you don’t have a car, but the hilltop town has a lot to explore. There are only
14 residents in the town year-round and it appears to be a magical Italian village.

Restaurants and shopping venues are found everywhere, but the most incredible aspect is the view that is afforded at the top. While there are no hotels in town, villas can be rented along Bolsena Lake.


Portofino has been considered the playground for the rich and famous and it is a
harbor that looks as though it belongs on a postcard. There are various harbor-side cafes to enjoy and plenty of water-related activities to try, including boat tours on the Italian Riviera.

A trip to the town wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a charming villa featuring sea access and incredible views, such as Villa La Scogliera.


Cortona offers a lot of beautiful sites, including a
gothic cemetery, Chiesa San Francesco, and the opportunity to see local life in Italy. Casa Gilda is a traditional and luxurious villa that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area.


Assisi, found in the area of Umbria, is right in the center of the National Park of Monte Subasio. This provides beautiful panoramas day and night as well as artistic and historic monuments to behold. Enjoying the town can be taken to a higher level with villas throughout Umbria, where you can easily visit Assisi as well as the rest of the area.



Lecce is often named as
Italy’s best kept secret because it is not a city many people go to for vacation. It is part of the Puglia region and offers Baroque architecture everywhere you look.

Wandering the streets can be a great way to take in the rustic charm and restaurants that serve up home-style Italian foods. Many luxury villas in Puglia can be found, providing an easy way to get into the town and can accommodate 12 or more guests.


The small town of Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features a number of
family-owned restaurants. Many of the buildings are white with cone shaped roofs, making it seem as though you entered into a fairytale town.

It is not far from Bari Centrale. There are also some villas throughout Puglia that can provide luxury accommodations close to Alberobello.


If you are going to be in
Tuscany, an alternative to the bustling city of Florence is Lucca. It is known for having ancient walls, charming piazzas and access to beautiful beaches. There are Romanesque churches and some of the best foods of the region can be found in the city, including tortelli and torta coi becchi.

Gorgeous villas can be found in the area, such as Il Guappero that provide you with a pool as well as a lush landscape.


Siracusa Ortigia offers a considerable number of archaeological sites. There are medieval sites to see in Syracuse, Sicily as well as Baroque churches and palaces. Behind the ruins is the Temple of Apollo as well as the Piazza Duomo

with a number of impressive buildings and outdoor cafes. When you want to explore Ortigia as one of the hidden gems in Italy, renting a villa that overlooks the Mediterranean can be ideal, providing you with a large space that will accommodate any number of guests.

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