While waiting for the sets to arrive for the remake of "Ben Hur" and the new 007 movie, scheduled to be filmed in Italy in February, the crew of the NBC TV series "Hannibal", starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, considered by American critics to be the “best television horror of all time”, is coming to Florence. Starring alongside Mikkelsen is Gillian Anderson, who plays his psychoanalyst who has become his accomplice in a murder and is now hiding out with him under a false name in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Excellent accommodation is an important factor to consider in your Italian holiday plans. Fortunately there are numerous villas in Italy to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. However, it is imperative to know how to choose the right one before you book a villa in Italy.

1. LOCATION Location is one of the key factors to consider when you want to rent a villa in Italy. Does it have to be in the city or countryside?

“The Great Beauty” (in Italian “La Grande Bellezza”) by Paolo Sorrentino won the Oscar for best foreign film.

The coveted statuette has fulfilled a path that has quickly collected other major international awards such as the Golden Globe, a prestigious award of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the English British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

Blue roses did not exist in nature until Pier Luigi Torre created them. Pier Luigi Torre believed that blue is the color of the impossible, of dreams, of utopia.

Pier Luigi Torre was an aeronautical engineer who designed engines for the airplane (the Savoia-Marchetti seaplane) that crossed the ocean between Italy and America in 1933, an expedition led by Torre himself as a General in the Air Force.  This was an extraordinary feat that subsequently inspired another invention: the first, rudimental black box.