Castles in Italy: Luxury Stay in Italian Castles

Italian castles provide vacation extravagance which must be seen to be believed. Historic properties in Italy are romantic and awe-inspiring, and their beauty only increases their historical value.

Those looking to spend a sojourn can choose from this list of stunning Italian castles for rent.

Castello dei Bonaparte


Located in the Umbrian countryside of Carbonesca, this gorgeous destination is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy and is known for producing truffles. The historic castle dates back to the Middle Ages and eventually became property of the Bonaparte family, who currently own the property. The illustrious architecture of the castle is complimented by the peace and serenity you’ll find along the pathways of its lush rose garden.

Castello di Magona


Of the many castles in Italy, the Castello was built at the start of the 16th century and continues to be owned by the Merciai family. Situated on the Tuscany Coast of Campiglia Marittima, it’s one of the historic properties in Italy with a spectacular array of olive trees and a beautiful rose garden facing Elba island.

Villa di Monaciano


Located in the Siena area in Ponte a Bozzone, this villa represents the epitome of Italian castles for rent. Documented to exist since the XVIII century, this eloquent vacation spot showcases the allure of Italian castles, with beautiful antiques from various periods of time and artistically-diverse wall ornaments.

Castello di Maiano


In the Siena area of Ciaggiano lies one of the medieval castles in Italy built during the Middle Ages. Castello di Maiano was expanded during the Renaissance and was recently renovated, while keeping its lavish marble, terracotta, and stone floors. Just an hour and a half away from Rome, this grandiose destination is shown on a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503: the map of Valdichiana.

Castello di Federico II


Nestled in the Umbrian countryside of Solfagnano is one of the most prestigious medieval castles in Italy. Deemed amongst 10 of the most beautiful homes in Umbria, by Architectural Digest Magazine, Castello di Federico II is a private estate with elegance that has been spectacularly maintained and preserved. Its extravagant garden, designed by a famous landscape architect, is surrounded by a spacious farm and an immense territory of cattle, waterways, lakes and medieval castles.

Villa Emo Capodilista


Beautiful Italian castles can be found in the Padua Area of Selvazzano Dentro, in Veneto, just 55 Km from Venice. Villa Emo Capoldilista is one of the Italian castles for rent that was built in 1568 by architect and painter, Dario Varotari. The plush villa’s antique furnishing and complimentary wall ornaments epitomize prestige and artistic expression. The farm opposite the villa’s entry produces fine Italian wines and provides more luxuries to enhance your stay, including a swimming pool, tennis courts and a golf course.



Built in the 1500s by the influential family of Marcello, Barchessa is one of the castles in Italy located in the Padua area of Levada. Barchessa is one of few historic properties in Italy where the original family remains, and the excellent condition of the property reflects the love invested over the years. After taking in all the castle has to offer, enjoy the close proximity to Venice and other well-known cities in Veneto.