Luxury Breathtaking Honeymoons in Italy

There are few places in the world of romance as iconic as Italy. Italy is the romantic capital of the world, with its enchanting cities, breathtaking coasts, dazzling culture and world-class cuisine.

Honeymoons in Italy give newlyweds a chance to soak up the rich atmosphere of one of the most romanticized nations in the world. Therea2ce7a42be1c188f869e2d196c57672a is endless beauty to see with all the neo-classical architecture throughout the country as well as famous landmarks, which make for perfect photo opportunities.
To fully appreciate the Italy honeymoon experience, the trip should be planned with nights spent in a variety of romantic locations around the country. Let us take a closer look at the extraordinary honeymoon locations that Italy boasts – best experienced in the spring and summer time.


It is easy to get lost on the beauty of Venice; gently floating down the water canals while a gondolier serenades your marriage. The Venice honeymoon experience indulges all the senses; the echo of church bells in the streets, the slow-rolling water sounds of the gondolier’s oars, the scent of famous Italian coffee blends and the quite energy of the street markets. Venice is easily the most iconic city in Italy.

Amalfi Coast

An Amalfi Coast honeymoon resembles something out of a romance movie; crystal-blue oceans with mountain-side villages bursting with character. The coast-line offers honeymooners an intimate experience where their happiness can flourish. The countryside by the Amalfi coast was made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in an effort to immortalize the breathtaking beauty of the area. The scenery from one the hotel’s balconies is the best place to enjoy a “dolce vita“; a local wine used for toasting.



A Sicily honeymoon is a honeymoon with all the thrills and excitement that a romantically idyllic island can give you. Sicily is best known for its sensational food and wine influenced by the many cultures that have lived there throughout history. The white beaches around the Aeolian and Taormina accompanied by the crystal-blue waters offer activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving in order to see the teeming fish life just below the surface of the water. The countryside is littered with ancient Greek temples and Roman amphitheaters; excellent photo opportunities.


Sardinia is a perfect destination to start your life with your loved one, embracing new and old traditions in this sea-side paradise. A Sardinia honeymoon is an adventure with the pristine waters and hidden coves around the coastline. Monuments with rich history are located across the island and open to visitors to explore. 3634e32cba60f9547c53ba4831804f8aLocal festivals open their arms to honeymooners as the locals partake in traditional dances and feasts. The Mediterranean climate is a perfect recipe for a glorious beach experience in one of the best world-class beach locations. Many will agree that nature is the best painter when they see the Gennargentu mountain range, the largest mountain range in Sardinia.