10 Things to Do in Verona, Italy

Verona, between Lake Garda and Venice, is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Internationally, Verona is recognized as the home to the world’s most famous romance between Romeo and Juliet. Holidays in Verona are a great way to explore different facets of Italy’s artistic, historical, and cultural heritage.

Verona has everything you need for a short break. With so many accommodation and villas options you will not have to worry about where to stay in Verona. The city is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site besides being the setting of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

Many consider Verona to be the Mecca of “Romantic Tourism” probably because of the Juliet balcony Verona is popular for. However, besides romance, there are many more things to do in Verona that can best be sampled with the aid of a comprehensive Verona guide.

Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions of what to do and see in Verona when out on a short break.

1. Juliet’s House

Holidays in Verona are incomplete without stopping by the city’s most popular site, Juliet’s House located on a courtyard off the Via Capello. In this 13th century house, you can view the magnificent bronze statue of Juliet and the famous Juliet balcony Verona is well known for. This is a famous landmark in the city that is hard to miss if you have a good Verona guide.

2. Piazza delle Erbeitaly-verona-piazza-delle-erbe

This is a great place to explore when you visit Verona. Originally constructed as a Roman Forum in the ancient times, the rectangular piazza is located in the heart of the historic city. At its centre is a 14th century

Roman statue in the midst of a fountain surrounded by ancient buildings and historic towers. You can easily buy souvenirs from the stalls in the piazza or simply have a cup of rich Italian coffee in one of the cafes nearby.

3. Duomo di Verona


The Romanesque Duomo or Cathedral of Verona is another perfect example of a great place to explore when you visit Verona. It is actually a complex of several buildings including the saint Elena Church, a Baptistery dating back to 12th century, and cathedral frescoes constructed between the 15th and 18th centuries.

4. The Roman ArenaArena(1)

The Roman Arena, built in the 1st century, is one of the must-see sights when you visit Verona. It is the 3rd largest arena in the country after the famous Colosseum and the Capua Arena. It has a holding capacity of 25,000 spectators.

5. The Giardino Giusti gardens


Take time to enjoy the serene atmosphere at the Giardino Giusti gardens during your holidays in Verona. Considered as the most peaceful gardens in Italy, these renaissance gardens provide a serene escape from the noisy city. You may consider villas closer to the gardens when deciding where to stay in Verona during your short break.

6. Shopping at Via Mazzini


Here is another great idea of what to do in Verona. Simply go shopping along the famous Via Mazzini, which is also known as the “Golden Mile” of Verona. This is where you find the best of Italy’s luxurious brands and affluent boutiques. The street is one of the most frequented Verona, Italy tourism spots.

7. Lamberti Tower


Just like Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Verona too has the Lamberti Tower off the Piazza delle Erbe. The 84 metres high tower provides a vantage point to observe the entire city from above. It was originally built as a bell tower in the 12th century.

8. Scaliger Castle


If you are a fan of castles in italy or simply want to take pictures in a memorable location, then visit the Scaliger Tower. This is a beautiful hill-top castle surrounded by equally beautiful forts and woodlands.

9. The Roman Theatre


Located across the river are the Roman Theatre built in the 1st century and the archeological museum close by. The theatre is accessible via the quaint Ponte Pietra stone bridge while the museum is housed in the former Saint Jerome Convent. Summer shows held at the theatre are popular Verona, Italy tourism events.

10. Eating out


Verona restaurants are known for their rich Italian cuisine dishes which include traditional staples such as polenta and rice as well as the “peperita” boiled beef and peppered cheese sauce. Verona restaurants are also famous for serving the best DOC wines in Italy such as the Valpolicella and the Bardolino.

There is never a shortage of things to do in Verona. All you need is a detailed Verona guide and a good idea of where to stay in Verona to have a wonderful vacation.