Luxury travel in Italy: tourists’ expectations and desires

History, culture, tradition, beauty and food: Italy is the perfect destination in which to spend ones holidays. However, as every vacation, it should be well organized, in order to make the best of it, not falling into stupid organizational mistakes.

For example, the selection of the

best Italian place to sojourn or of the best period time for booking a luxury stay in Italy could be critical and fundamental aspects in a decision travel infographic

By analyzing tourists’ search behavior over the last year and by combining Ville in Italia’s data, we can give you some advices for a pleasant vacation in Italy thanks to this infographic

In particular, this infographic shows the most interesting trends aboutluxury travel in the Italian market, displaying the customer’s interests when travelling in Italy and revealing the demand for renting villas in Italy in 2013.
According to the infographic, the
Amalfi coast is the most popular place to visit and it is shown that this region attracts the most attention, receiving the 56% of searches for Italian luxury travelling.

Following the Amalfi Coast, you can find Sicily, Tuscany, Rome, Cinque Terre and Venice.

According to the data, Sicily and Tuscany came in a not so close second, taking 19% of searches, while the Eternal city, Rome, attracted just 2%, earning its third place. Co-winners of the fourth place are Liguria/Cinque Terre and Venice/Lake Garda, accounting 1% of the inquiries.

The infographic also suggests that many tourists already know where they want to spend their luxury stay in Italy: 90% wants to rent luxury villas, while 10% prefers castle and historical estate.

Beside this, the infographic analyzes also the top countries that love to spend their holidays in Italy: most of the villa hunters are from UK (35%) and US (34%), followed by Australia (8%) and Canada (7%). Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and Netherlands are the other main countries, but not exceeding the 5% per each.DimoraVescovileD

The most crowded month in which the customers book their stay in an Italian villa is June, followed by April. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect period for booking in advance a holiday stay in Italy for the summer season, which offers a surprisingly mild weather.

On the other hand, the autumn and winter period features the start of declining temperatures in the Italian cities, and therefore also of the villas’ inquiries (for more information about Italian weather check out the article “Weather in Rome”).

Even more interesting are the
typical tourists’ destinations according to their nationality: these results may come as an absolute surprise. Russian, Polish, and Dutch, for example, usually look for Sicily for their Italian luxury holiday, while German and Swiss prefer to spend them in Tuscany.

On the other hand, the Amalfi Coast attracts attentions mainly by the English speaking countries (US, UK and Australia), and villas in Liguria and Cinque Terre are required especially by Russian and Dutch.