Top 10 Spas in Tuscany: luxury relax in Italian countryside

Stopping in Tuscany is the highlight of any tour of Italy.  Many travelers are caught up by the artistic charm of Florence and by the exquisite vineyards in the countryside.  However, tasting relax in the amazing Tuscan countryside is not impossible. As a break from a hectic tour of Florence, a luxury spa is the perfect solution for a moment of relaxation with your partner and family.Tuscany
Immerse yourself in the ancient Tuscany thermal waters and succumb to real pleasure with the best hot springs in the area, according to us!

Terme di Chianciano
Terme di Chianciano deserves a spot on any list of top spas in Italy, thanks to its diverse selection of treatments to its therapeutic properties, which were already famous in ancient times: as a matter of fact, Roman spas and Etruscan sanctuaries were built close to the sources. The local municipality is actually well known for the health benefits that its spas can provide.  Travelers like you will for sure want to stop off here to try out the wide range of treatments which this ancient hot spring can offer.

Bagno Vignoni
You may not realize that Bagno Vignoni is actually a small town located in the hillside near the gorgeous Val D’Orcia, world heritage site by UNESCO. The luxury resort offers massive natural hot springs, in outdoor and indoor pools, and its thermal water is charged with healing powers from the depths of the earth. This is for sure a “can’t miss” place for all the lovers of real Italian beauty!Bagno Vignoni

Terme di Saturnia
If you are fascinated by ancient civilizations and you’re looking for a unique experience in Tuscany, Saturnia is a remarkable site to visit in the area. Saturnia, is a beautiful ancient Italian city, which, according to legend, was founded by the Roman god Saturn (alias Cronus), and is known nowadays for its renowned spas and sulfurous hot springs, the so called Terme di Saturnia.  In addition to the spa treatments, you will also be able to tone your body with a fitness program and keep yourself trained with a golf club. Saturnia’s thermae are quickly gaining a worldwide reputation for its restorative benefits: visit the site and you will not regret!Saturnia

Bagni di Petriolo
If you’ve lost your physical and spiritual wellness, these spas are the right place for you. Situated in the Ombrone valley in Tuscany, the Terme di Petriolo has the hottest natural thermal waters in Maremma. The impressive hot springs’ use began with the Etruscans, but reached its peak of popularity during the Renaissance when they were patronized by rich and powerful Italian personalities. This is a highly recommended Tuscany outdoor spa that should not be missed.

Bagni di Lucca
The town has actually a stream running right alongside the village which is fed by the thermal waters. The location around Bagni di Lucca is incredibly picturesque, so it is no surprise that it draws in a consistent flow of tourists.  Here you can choose between a daily spa path or treat yourself to a stay in one of the beautiful resorts and hotels in town. Bagni di Lucca is a precious refuge where to heal your body with the beneficial properties of its thermal waters and where you’ll be enchanted by the charming landscape which surround the spas.

Terme di Casciana
Located in the Pisan hills, the hot springs of Casciana Terme were among those known to the Romans, and by time going by the place became known as “the pearl of Italian spas”. People usually visit these spas for its healing properties and beauty care: the Terme di Casciana is one of the best places for this, since they actually have their own doctors on staff. If you’re looking for rehabilitation therapies, this spa is the perfect solution for you.

Grotta GiustiTerme di Venturina
Don’t want to give up quality for comfort? Terme di Venturina are an authentic slice of heaven, only a few meters from the city center and from the sea. The therapeutic purpose of the spa offers a full range of restorative and medical treatments: mud baths, massages, whirlpool, aerosols, beauty treatments, and drinking cures. Anyone looking for a Tuscany day spa that puts a premium on beauty will want to try out this place.

Grotta Giusti
A must for all the outdoorsmen. The heart of the mountain that soars above the charming town hides amazing natural caves that release steam and hot water: one of these caves, the Grotta Parlanti, offers a unique hot spring located more than 110 meters deep inside the mountain, in which is also possible to dive. The fact that people can choose between an all inclusive, a soft inclusive, or even a daily solution in its beautiful resort, makes this spa one of the best combination for visitors who are touring the Tuscan countryside.

Terme di Montecatini
This spa, with its charming and polychromatic locations, should be a top choice for the ones who want to combine a luxury retreat with a bit of Italian history. Choose between one of the nine thermal hot springs (Tettuccio, Regina, Excelsior, Leopoldine, Salute, Redi, Torretta, Tamerici or Grocco) and be lulled by its therapeutic waters and by its entertaining activities. Here you will for sure enjoy a pleasant stay and regain your physical and mental wellbeing.

Fonteverde Natural SPAMontecatini Terme
Here’s another resort steeped in history, since it was built by a local Duke during the 1700s and has been the holiday residence of many other important personalities.  It is one of few five star hotels in the region, offering a full range of wellness services.  The hot springs at Fonteverde Natural spa Resort contain sulphate, calcium, fluoride and magnesium and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which can help to calm the nerves. All this is combined with some truly magnificent views of the Val D’Orcia countryside, that will leave you breathless.