Italian Islands: Capri vs. Ischia

If you are looking for a great way to spend your next vacation, you may consider visiting the Italian islands of Capri and Ischia. These are two beautiful Italian islands located in the Gulf of Naples along the Italian south-western coast.

Here is a look at each of these two popular Italian islands.

Capri Island


Capri Island lies around 5 kilometres off the mainland in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a popular destination that receives over 2 million visitors each year from all parts of the world. Capri Island in Italy has a rich historical heritage. It was colonized by both Romans and Greeks and was once a prestigious holiday resort for Roman emperors Tiber and August.

The island’s two major harbors Marina Grande and Marina Piccola are some of the numerous attractions you can visit during your Capri vacation. Others include Mount Solaro, which is considered to be the highest point in Capri Island, the Blue Grotto, which is a cave on the Island’s western coast with spectacular views, and the San Michele Arcangelo Church in Anacapri among others.

Capri Island is also famous for its clean sandy beaches. One of the most luxurious and affordable Capri accommodation facilities in Anacapri is the Villa il Geco. This is one of the most attractive Capri Villas with 8 bedrooms and a great sea view.

Ischia Island


Ischia Island is one of the most beautiful volcanic islands in Italy. It is also the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. Over 6 million visitors tour Ischia Island each year mainly due to its famous volcanic spas, thermal springs, beautiful beaches, and rich traditional Italian cuisines.

The island is well connected to the mainland and easily accessible via the Napoli-Ischia ferry. The island has many attractions such as a wonderful and clean sea, spas, and exquisite beaches, small picturesque towns suitable for your Ischia holidays.

There are several villas designed to cater for all your Ischia accommodations needs. For example, Punta Caruso villa in Punta Caruso, the La Giroscopica and Il Pitosforo villas in Forio are some of the best luxury and charming Ischia villas. These Ischia Villas come with panoramic sea views and large swimming pools. Staying in one of these Ischia villas will definitely make your Ischia holidays unforgettable.
Comparing the two islands

Both islands are perfect for great vacations in Italy. However, a Capri vacation is ideal for visitors who love exploring historical and architectural features such as San Michele Arcangelo Church. Capri villas provide great sea and landscape views too. The island has a vibrant lifestyle besides its sandy beaches and charming Capri Villas. These are a few of the reasons why some tourists choose Capri, Italy over Ischia.

On the other hand, the growth of Ischia, Italy, tourism can be attributed to the regions exquisite beaches and natural attractions. Ischia tourism is actually great for nature lovers interested in thermal springs, the pristine sea, and a favorable weather. Ischia is also well known for its mouth-watering cuisine. Its commercial centre provides one of the best shopping experiences during your Ischia holidays.

In a nutshell, both islands are perfect for your vacation. The choice between Capri and Ischia will largely depend on your personal interests.