Halloween In Italy: Do Italians Celebrate It?

Halloween is referred to as All Saints’ Day in Italy and is filled with an array of events and costume parties. The Holiday begins on October 31 and goes through November 2 to include All Souls Day. Halloween celebrations vary throughout the many regions:

Halloween in Rome

There are various nightclubs throughout the city that offer costume parties. It isn’t big for everyone, though it is becoming popular amongst the younger adults. Visiting Rome’s ancient catacombs could be a perfect addition to your Roman Halloween! The trick or treat tradition is not known very well in the city, but there are jack-o-lanterns as well as bobbing for apples.
Halloween in Florence

Halloween in Tuscany can be a lot of fun. While there are plenty of vineyards throughout the region to provide liquid libations, Florence provides a lot of the partying aspects of Halloween and All Saints’ Day. The Renaissance City has a lot of history and much of it is believed to be haunted.


Throughout the week of Halloween, there are ghost tours, pub-crawls, and more to be able to see some extra sites in the city. Various types of food are also introduced during the month, including pumpkins, chestnuts and tartufo. There are villas throughout Chianti, Florence City, Collalto, and others to explore that can make your spooky stay unforgettable.

Halloween in Venice

When you are spending Halloween in Italy, Venice has a lot to offer. In addition to Italian Halloween costumes, there is Poveglia Island, which has a lot of myths due to the Black Plague. Many say it is haunted and a ghostly mist can be seen coming off the water from time to time. All around Venice, there are also some incredible villas where you can escape from the creepy entertainment found around Halloween.

Halloween in Marche 

Corinaldo is the medieval town found in Le Marche region. It calls itself the Italian Capital of Halloween and features spooky attractions as well as a festival of fire, lights, and music to take place on October 31. A Marche Halloween can be especially fun to partake in while staying in one of the beautiful villas along the coastline.
Halloween in Palermo

Halloween in Palermo can be a lot of fun as many of the Italian Halloween traditions can be found. This includes watching horror movies in the local theatres as well as visiting some of the spooky places.

In Palermo, there is the Capuchin Crypt, which is decorated with 4,000 skeletons’ worth of bones. It is bone chilling for anyone who wants to enjoy a scary Italian Halloween.

Throughout the Palermo area, there are also villas that make for a great place to stay in comparison to a tourist resort. Le Terrazzo, Picciotto, and others are in close proximity to the excitement for Halloween in Italy.

Elsewhere Around Italy

There are cemeteries and catacombs in Naples, the remaining of the volcanic disaster in Pompei, horror movie festivals throughout the country, and many other events that are available to help celebrate Italian Halloween.

While many of the events are similar to that of the United States, there are some interesting traditions that are unique to Italy.