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Villas in Adriatic Coast & Marche

Exploring the Marches Apennines and Coastline

The ‘Costa Adriatica’ and Marches is a narrow strip in the centre of Italy along the Adriatic Sea. It is largely a hilly and mountainous region with the western part covered by the Umbro-Marchigian Apennines and the Mount Vettore in the south. These round-topped hills are a spectacle as they are covered with beautiful colors of changing variety all around the seasons of the year. The Apennines have a gradual gradient descending into the sea.

The Marche coast has both low sandy beaches and high rocky cliffs. The area has a number of provinces including Urbin, Pesaro, Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno and Ancona, the capital of this region. When you think of Italy many things come to mind, like the Vatican, the Pope, the narrow allied streets, the food, the wine and so on. But there is no dispute in the fact that if you want to explore the real Italy in all its hype, pomp, color and culture you have to visit the ‘Costa Adriatica’ of the Marches

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Guests: 8/37
Living-units: 3
Bedrooms: 3/16 - Bathroom: 4/16
Position: panoramic
Villa Style: Luxury
Weekly price  USD:
min: 1,530 - max: 13,360

This property consists of several residential units that can also be rented by a single group of people in which case a global price will be applied.

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Villa Giulia Adriatic Coast, Pesaro
Adriatic Coast & Marche
Guests: 11/23
Bedrooms: 5/10 - Bathroom: 7/12
Position: in town, Sea access, sea ​​view
Sea Distance: < 500 m
Weekly price  USD:
min: 8,010 - max: 19,200

This is a private, independent villa, but prices and surface area change according to the number of people.

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Casa del Vescovo Urbino Area, Urbino
Adriatic Coast & Marche
Guests: 6/12
Bedrooms: 3/6 - Bathroom: 9
Position: panoramic
Villa Style: Charming
Weekly price  USD:
min: 1,550 - max: 4,800

This is a private, independent villa, but prices and surface area change according to the number of people.

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Infinito - holiday villas in Filottaro - Ancona
Guests: 10
Bedrooms: 5 - Bathroom: 5
Position: panoramic
Villa Style: Luxury
Weekly price  USD:
min: 6,000 - max: 7,720

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Villa Emilia - Fano - Pesaro villas for rent
Guests: 8
Bedrooms: 4 - Bathroom: 4
Position: in town
Sea Distance: 3 Km
Villa Style: Elegant
Weekly price  USD:
min: 2,160 - max: 4,440

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Page showing from 1 to 5 villas

The Marches – something for everyone

The Marches’ region is rich in food, culture and is perfect for tourists who want to get a real sense of the area. There is a real heir of frivolity and also a lot of things to see. There are many historical or educational places that are wonderful to visit.


There are medieval towns, museums and some beautiful churches. If you are more interested in a different kind of fun than there are also festivals as well, which are well known for being amazing.


There are plenty of sports if that is your kind of thing, and so much to do for all of the outdoors types as well. The Marche's region has a little something for every kind of person who visits there.


Life as an expat in Marches’ Villas

If Italy is a boot, than the Marche is right around the back of the thigh. Because of that location, it has 111 miles of pure coastline, so pretty much everywhere there is a beach or a water view. This place is so wonderful and full of life and excitement that many people actually choose to move there from other countries.


Many people rent villas in the Marche to live in and it is very popular to have Marche's villas as a nice year round vacation home. Most of these villas have pools and an unbelievable landscape. Ville in Italia’s offer has villas with up to ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms, available for rent by the week. These villas are perfect for vacations for those who want to try out the luxurious Italian lifestyle for a while. 


The Geography of the Marches

In the north you can find the city of Urbin, while moving southwards we come to the capital city and one of the largest city in the region called Ancona. The seaport of Ancona was seriously damaged during the Second World War. The next city down the coastal line is Loreto. Loreto attracts many pilgrims from around the world who come to visit a popular shrine known as Santuario della Santa. Ascoli Piceno follows Loreto as you move further south. This town has a population of about fifty thousand residents and hosts a number of very interesting sites to visit.


Touring the Marches – Ancona, Loreto and Ascoli Piceno


In Ancona you will be fascinated by the Second Century Arco di Triano (Trajan's Arch). You will also be graced by the beautiful presence of the Duomo di San Ciriaco (Cathedral) which was built over a Greek Temple in the Twelfth Century. The Romanesque Santa Maria della Piazza also dates back to the Twelfth Century and can be found in this city, however, most of its mosaics are from the Fifth Century church from which may have been its parent church.


Loreto is among the well visited sites by pilgrims who come to the Santuario della Santa Casa or 'House of the Virgin Mary'. This is a renown shrine which is believed to have been ferried to this town in the year 1295 from Nazareth. At that time, Nazareth faced frequent and heavy attacks from the neighboring Muslim community.


Ascoli Piceno is also a province of interest for tourists in the region. Here you get to see among other sites, the San Franceso Gothic Church, the present day town hall which was originally the Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo built in the Thirteenth Century and the Piazza del Popolo.


Thoughtful Tips for Villas in the Marches: Better than Hotels!

The Marches can be more or less considered the rural regions of Italy with a lot of cultivation taking place on the large land expanses. The roads leading to the Marches and in the region are not very good for motorists and motor vehicles. Some towns such as Ascoli Piceno which happens to be a valley town have laws forbidding motor vehicles from entering a considerable portion of the city center.


Excellent villas are spread across the region. Good news for tourists though, is that the region is largely undiscovered by the majority and so one may be rewarded by wider spaces and clearer views of places and scenes also experiencing less pushing and shoving from fellow site seers. The area surely is a tourist destination owing to the numerous sites spread across the region. 


The Most Exciting Time of the Year in the Marche

The Marches experiences a series of festivals around the year. This having been said, the most exciting times of the year in this region lie in the months of March - April (before, during and after the Easter Celebrations) and December (during the Feast of the Holy House and Christmas). Visit Porto San Giorgio on the third weekend of March. During these times the town usually has a Food Festival with hundreds of stalls of locals showcasing their regional products. In Fermignano, the locals hold a four hundred year old tradition of racing frogs.


The Golden Frog Race, locally known as Palio is held every year on the Sunday following the Easter Holiday. The frog and its owner form a team where the owner has to race a wheelbarrow with his frog in it, all the while making sure his frog stays in the wheelbarrow, right to the end of the race. After the race follows a historical pageant of ancient costumes and fireworks. If you find yourself in Ancona in the first and second week of May, drive 40 kilometers southwest to the small town of Camerino and celebrate the Festival of San Venanzio. This festival usually coincides with the Fifteenth Century the Marche Festa.

Tasting the Marches’ Delicacies

Italy has a robust liking for quality cuisine. Take your time when you are in the Marches and indulge in the infinite sensational tastes that surround you. Try the local Minestra, this is a dish of Pork Ribs served with Chickpea Soup and grated Pecorino Cheese which will whet your appetite. For dessert you can ask for Frustenga which is basically cake with walnuts, raisins and figs. Do not forget the wine.


Marches produces among the top quality wines. Have a glass of the infamous Rosso Conero Riserva DOCG or be adventurous and look for the rare Bianchello del Metauro DOC wine. 

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