Giro d’Italia 2014 Highlights: route map of the famous Italian cycling race

Giro d’Italia (the Italian for “Tour of Italy”) is a cycling event that is held each year mainly based in Italy.

The race which is set up in different stages lately stretches also into different other countries. The race was started in 1909 by La Gazzetta dello Sport, a famous Italian sport newspaper, so as to boost their profits and nowadays it is still organized by RCS sport, the owner of La Gazzetta dello Sport. 2012-Giro-dItalia-Stage-16-start

The participants are usually either invited or UCL pro-teams. The format usually remains the same but Giro d’Italia’s route changes each year. The race usually takes place in 23 days of which two of those days are preserved for rest. There are mainly four contests; the lowest time taken, points for sprinters, mountain classification for climbers, young rider classification and the classification for teams. The winner who records the lowest time taken usually wears a pink jersey. For the young rider classification the award is given to riders that are below 25 years old.

This year’s Giro d’Italia 2014 will start in Ireland and end in Italy. The race will start on 9th May 2014. The first stage, or tappa of Giro d’Italia, will be in Belfast which will be around 21.7 kilometers followed by 218 kilometers the next day. On May 11th the race will be at Armagh in Dublin which will be around 187 kilometers. On May 12th will be the first rest day.

On 13th of the same month the race will continue to Giovinazzo in Bari for about 121 kilometers. On the next day the riders will race for 200 kilometers in Taranto, Viggiano. On 15th the race will extend to Sassano in Montecassino which will be about 247 kilometers. The stages will go on in that procedure until Sunday June 1st where the race terminates in Gemona, Trieste, which will be about 169 kilometers. The other rest days will be on May 19th and May 26th.

The Giro d’Italia 2014 route map and its stages allow the riders and the visitors to view the beautiful scenery that Italy has to offer. There are several beautiful villas that any of the participants or the visitors can relax. Here are some of the top villas for your luxury stay during the Giro d’Italia:  MasserialaMadonnaC

Masseria la Madonna

This beautiful villa is located in Apulia, Mutata. It has several amenities that ensure comfort ability such as a private pool and air conditioning. The nearest beach is just 20 kilometers. It is able to accommodate up to 10 guests and the best part about it is that it is quite affordable for anyone.

Casa Saltini

Casa Saltini is located close to Lake Maggiore and Piedmont. It is able to accommodate up to 12 people. It has a private parking that accommodates two cars as well as a other amenities such as washing machine, Wifi connections, private pool, and air conditioning among others. There are plenty of other comfortable and beautiful villas located at various places in Italy.


Villa La Quadrata

Located in between the cities of Vicenza and Padua west of Venice, The Villa La Quadrata lies in a 4 hectare property. It has a fireplace, a ample living room complete with a grand piano, and guest bathrooms among other attractive features.