Italian country clubs are simply the epitome of luxury. In this article we have the solution to all your luxury golf holidays in Italy needs.

In true Italian tradition, we strive to make your outdoor activities just as interesting as our famed cuisines, wines, and entertainment. Take time to improve your swing in one of these Italian open golf courses or sweat it out on a private tennis court before dipping in a sparkling outdoor pool.

La “Festa degli Innamorati”, also known as San Valentino in Italy or Saint Valentine’s Day in English, truly is a landmark occasion in the Italian cultural diary.

0fa674da9fc459f7c81ef4edab87f327Saint Valentine was born in, and was later made patron saint of Terni, a delightful, historical town in southern Umbria.

Defying Emperor Claudius II’s decree that young men should be forbidden from marrying because single men were considered to make better soldiers, Saint Valentine continued to marry in secret and signed letters to his lovers signed ‘Your Valentine’.

Unfortunately, he was later found out and sentenced to death for his crimes, and was killed on 14th February in Rome. Whether he knew it or not, Saint Valentine was to leave a timeless and romantic legacy. A day when Italians and countless other nations celebrate romance was born.

We all know that the Venetian aristocracy was distinguished for its powerful vocation for business that manifested itself in the form of trade on the seas and in farming on the mainland: the structure of the Palladian Villas perfectly illustrates the life of the Venetian noblemen, who lived in union with the countryside and their warehouses (“barchesse”).