Living in Italy: top 15 Italian Lifestyle blogs

The values of the Italian people in regard to food, culture and social life are for sure one of the best in the world. Strangers know it, and more and more often, many of them are not able to leave Italy after having visited it.

Today we will give you an idea of how the Italian lifestyle is seen by strangers who have decided to live in Italy, also by analyzing the benefits which can bring a true and genuine Italian life, starting from fresh and healthy food, to life-long curiosity, family ties and traditions, resilience and strength, and simplicity.

These are all elements of a real Italian lifestyle. Here’s a “can’t miss” list of what we think are the most fifteen remarkable blogs about life in Italy seen and lived by an expat.

My Sardinian Life

The beauty of Sardinian landscape is well depicted in this blog by a Canadian freelance writer who lives in Sardinia, Italy. She brings a wealth of photography knowledge as a serial expatriate who has also lived in Australia, Cayman Islands, and England. The blog depicts breathtaking images of Sardinian skyline with a touch of Italian humour.7a06aceff7f13dcfe096d329f90f7107

The Boot

An American woman who has just moved to Italy with her Italian husband, shares the life, love and delicacies of Italy. Her blog depicts the Italian love for sharing meals and quality time in both good and bad times. She elaborates the diversity of Italian cuisine with quality images and Italian recipes.

Girl in Florence

The beauty of Florence, its diverse delicacies, sights, and sounds are well elaborated in this blog by an American girl working in Italy. The blog is an exploration of different aspects of Florence from dress and friendship values to food and good wine. The posts are also frequently updated.

Driving like a Maniac

Driving like a Maniac is an exploration of Sicilian life through the camera lens of Kate Bailward, an English teacher and former actor from England who currently lives in Sicily. Her blog is a pictorial view of the Sicilian landscape through a combination of photography and fascinating narrative.

An American in Rome

No one tells a story about a new place better than one who had never gone beyond the geographical confines of her homeland. This is what Natalie demonstrates in her blog. An American in Europe is a pictorial travelogue covering different continents but mainly inspired by the author’s fascination of Rome and the Italian lifestyle.3c054ce6a64a91ccca85ae938c439220

Italian Fix

Finding the perfect accommodation is always on top of every traveller’s list of things to do when visiting new places. This is what blogger Bianca Gignac provides in Italian Fix for anyone touring Italy for the first time. She does it with rich interior and exterior images of the best accommodation hostels in Venice, Sorrento, Florence, Sicily, and Milan.

La Vita è Bella

Kate Hash, an American moves to Italy with her husband to start a new life. In her blog, La Vita e Bella, she takes us through the intricacies of life in Florence as seen from a foreigner’s eyes. The blog takes a humorous look at her web design profession for Italian clients.

Tiana Kai: My Expat Life in Italy

Jump into the life of a newlywed woman who moved back to Florence for a love, her ex in fact. Tiana, from Miami, shares her travel adventures and cultural mishaps in a humorous and honest tone. Besides her writing, her strength also lies in her photography as she always tries to find that angle that is so rarely taken

Sunshine and Tomatoes

This blog is written by an English expat Amy Lucinda who lives in Puglia, south of Italy. She is fond of beaches and a food fanatic. In her blog, she demonstrates her fascination with Italian lifestyle using pictures and vivid descriptions of Italian cooking and outdoor activities.cf8f743a012bb4cd9abbe7e69f6c41db

Alla Fiorentina

Food and fashion in Florence is well portrayed in this blog by Krista, an emigrant from Southern California who currently lives in Florence. She guides the reader on the best places to visit, sample, or even live at in Florence.

Delicious Italy

Italy is globally renowned for its wine, delicacies, and great sights. In this blog, Philip Curnow writes about different culinary activities that takes place in Italy each year. He writes about wine testing, cooking classes, crafts making, and numerous contests that make Italy a centre of attraction for tourists.

An Affair with Italy

Italy is recognized as the home of fashion and design. This blog is a creation of Julie Adams, a fashion photographer, and Emma Scott, a fashion designer. The two base their inspiration on fascinating Italian fashion designs and glamour. The blog is a graphic demonstration of things that make Italy the centre of global fashion and cultural diversity.

Simple Italy

Vegetables are a must have ingredient in every Italian meal. This is well illustrated in this blog by Sharon. Having lived in Florence, where she learned Italian recipes, the author writes of different flavours made by vegetable and fruits.

Simply Italiana

Torino, Italy does not only have the best architectural sites but great vegetables too. This is an aspect well described in this blog by Michelle Bottalico, an American expat living in Torino. She covers the general lifestyle in Italy from architecture to food.8e80f987f6b2361de52c1751e78411c5

A year in a beautiful centre

This is a pictorial narrative of an American family living in Spello, Italy. The author, Michelle, a married woman with children shares her experiences in Italy. She uses pictures to illustrate her view of Italy.