Buona Pasqua! Easter Traditions in Italy

One of the most enjoyable occasions in Italy is the Easter celebration. Easter, which is also known as Pasqua in Italian is actually an important tradition in Italy. The holiday symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion but, in Italy, Easter is more of a traditional custom than a religious one.

Historically, Easter holiday was marked on every Sunday after the first full moon in spring equinox.
Like in other parts of the world, the Italian Easter begins on Good Friday and is celebrated with pomp and festivities all weekend long to Easter Monday, or Pasquetta as the day is known in Italian.

Easter procession in ItalyEach Italian town holds its own colorful procession on the Easter Sunday with thousands of performances depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Statues of Jesus and Virgin Mary are paraded throughout the city while jovial participants dressed in ancient forms of clothing carry olive branches singing religious songs. Apart from street processions and performances, Easter in Italy is a time to attend mass. The most exciting part about Easter celebrations in Italy is the mass held by the pope at St. Basilica in Rome.

It is also a time to collect chocolate Easter Eggs and have fun with family and friends. No Italian Easter holiday is ever complete without food. Sampling special Easter delicacies is an important part of the Italian Easter tradition. Easter cake ItalyEaster pancakes are a must have delicacy on this occasion. This tradition came up after church doctrines restricted eating of meat, eggs, milk and fat. Most Italians will usually strive hard to exhaust such food products from their kitchens before the lent period begins, especially in the days before fridges were invented.

One of the best ways to celebrate Italy Easter is at one of the many elegant Villas spread across the country. Here are a few suggestions of the best villas for your Easter weekend in Italy:

Villa Enea

Located in the southern part of Lazio just 120 kilometres from Rome, Villa Enea is a great place to be during Easter. It is close to the sea and has all the amenities you need including a tennis court. Its proximity to Rome will enable the guest to be part of the mass session.

Dimora Relax Villa

This splendid villa is situated in Sorrento Peninsula and is equipped with a private swimming pool and access to the beach which is only 8 kilometres away. It has 7 bedrooms with a combination of elegance and style for a perfect Easter holiday.

Villa la PistriceVilla la Pistrice

This is another comfortable villa located along the Amalfi coast in Positano. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 11 guests and with an excellent view of the sea.

Villa Diodati

Villa Diodati is a luxurious villa capable of accommodating up to 14 guests in the panoramic village of Marlia. It is equipped with a swimming pool and other modern amenities.

Villa Sorate

Located at the broder of Lazio and Umbria, Villa Sorate has all the modern amenities you need including private swimming pool and ample rooms for up to 18 guests.