Summer in Italy: the best holidays of your 2014

If you are a great fan of sun, sand, food, and fun, then visit Italy during summer.

Summer in Italy provides bright sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, delicious summer cuisines, and a host of summer festivals, outdoor concerts.

Summer weather in Italy is however quite hot with temperatures in some regions hitting 100 degrees. The evenings are also pleasantly warm. Most Italians usually take refuge from the daylight heat at the beaches or the mountains where it is relatively cooler.


For instance, at Villa Bianca in Loiri Porto near popular tourist resort town of Porto San Paolo which is not only close to the beach but also furnished in a practical modern style with three satellite televisions, espresso coffee machine, and Wi-Fi internet connection among others. This is where you can catch the panoramic view of the Tavolara Island too.

The warm Italian summer evenings are on the other hand simply awesome with numerous activities including outdoor plays and concerts. La Contessa Azzurra villa in the town of Sorrento provides a perfect getaway from the heat and noise of large cities. It has refined fittings and spacious luxurious bedrooms. There is also an asymmetric deck-level pool with a hydromassage area at the villa.

Italy is also well known for its wonderful beaches in regions such as Capri in the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Liguria, Sicily, and Sardinia. Villa Tartaruga in Sardinia is only 1 km away from the beach south of the famous Costa Smeralda. The two floor villa has well-kept gardens, a large pool, Jacuzzi air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and all the necessary amenities. 2

You may also find Villa Federica in the town of Montemarcello, recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a perfect accommodation choice close to the beach. One of its impressive features is an ancient Saracen watch-tower which has been converted into the main residence. It is a well equipped and perfectly furnished villa.

Summer is also a great time to sample the best Italian food and wine. Popular summer delicacies are best enjoyed in local food fairs called “sagra” where you will also find the freshest vegetables, fruits, and Italian ice cream called gelato.

Villa Emilia in the town of Fano within the Marche region is one of the best villas providing the perfect accommodation for your ultimate holidays Italy 2014. Fano is one of Italy’s “Blue Flag” resorts with a very clean sea and beach. The villa is equipped with a private swimming pool, furnished gardens, ample relaxation area, and a veranda with a barbecue. It is a beautiful property with quality old furniture and attractive interiors. 3

Summer in Italy is also a time for fun and festivals. There is always a colorful festival in any one of the small Italian towns or large cities during summer. Some of the festivals such as the Siena city’s Palio horse race are perfect ingredients for an unforgettable holiday in Italy 2014.

Summer arts festivals such as the Umbria Jazz festival are also quite famous in Italy. If you are enjoy religious festivals then you will be thrilled by the Assumption Day, or Ferragosto, which is usually celebrated on August 15 at the peak of summer in most parts of Italy.

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