Blue roses did not exist in nature until Pier Luigi Torre created them. Pier Luigi Torre believed that blue is the color of the impossible, of dreams, of utopia.

Pier Luigi Torre was an aeronautical engineer who designed engines for the airplane (the Savoia-Marchetti seaplane) that crossed the ocean between Italy and America in 1933, an expedition led by Torre himself as a General in the Air Force.  This was an extraordinary feat that subsequently inspired another invention: the first, rudimental black box.

The values of the Italian people in regard to food, culture and social life are for sure one of the best in the world. Strangers know it, and more and more often, many of them are not able to leave Italy after having visited it.

Today we will give you an idea of how the Italian lifestyle is seen by strangers who have decided to live in Italy, also by analyzing the benefits which can bring a true and genuine Italian life, starting from fresh and healthy food, to life-long curiosity, family ties and traditions, resilience and strength, and simplicity.

Italy is known for many things ranging from beautiful mountains and great landscapes to the best foods and wine you can think of but another sector that certainly touches the hearts of the Italian people is the fashion industry.