Best 6 Summer Travel Apps for Vacations in Italy

You Say You Want to Visit Italy? Here Is a List of the Best Summer and Travel Apps for Vacationing in Italy.

Italy. It’s been featured in movies, books, and even music! Ask anyone and they will tell you that it is on their list of the top ten places to visit.

You can find history in Italy. You can find great dining in Italy. And you can even find love in Italy. Once you visit this beautiful country, you’ll want to revisit again and again. Vacationing in Italy is fun and exciting.

Places to visit include Rome, Venice, and Firenze (better known as Florence). Renowned landmarks include the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and Vatican City. And of course who can forget spaghetti and gelato!

If you’re going to Italy you must have these Italian delicacies. And check out the Tiramisu, it’s completely different from what we eat here in the United States. The food in Italy is tastier and richer.

To guide you on your trip, here are the best summer and travel apps for visiting this wonderful country. Download these before you go and then get ready to create memories to last a lifetime.



Want to know what the weather is like in Rome? Firenze? il Meteo is the perfect app to do just that. It not only works for weather forecasts in Italy, but around the world as well. Bonus features: beach, surf spots, and webcam.

Cost: Free



If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Italy as rated by Gambero Rosso, one of the leading companies in the food and wine in Italy, than this app is for you. You can search for restaurants based on your search preferences, letting you find all the award-winning restaurants by category: restaurants, taverns, wine bars, pizzerias.

Want to eat a succulent lobster right away? Use the “around me” option to find the best lobster restaurant near to you. On the app you could also find the review of the restaurants by Gambero Rosso’s experts and book the restaurant via phone, email, online service with the exclusive service “misiedo“(I’m taking a seat)

Cost: € 8,99 (per year)



Ciao, come stai?

Want the best app for learning Italian? Look no further than Lingolook ITALY. This isn’t a translator, but more like a language lookbook where you can learn the proper Italian pronunciation of over 800 words. No need for the internet on this one.

Cost: $4.99



No internet while you’re away? No problem!

Get Triposo and download your guides and maps before you get on your way. This is the best app for everything Italy: you can get an overview map of the country and detailed city maps for the cities. Also, For major cities, you get a special city guide with information about all the major sights, a list of great restaurants and different nightlife options. It also works for other countries as well. Bonuses include currency converter, nightlife, and sightseeing.

Cost: Free

City Scouter ($3.99) is another great travel app for Naples, Rome, and Venice. It works offline just like Triposo and includes train and tram info—a must if you plan on visiting the city and all the Italian regions.

As City Scouter, Zonzo Fox is another good app for sightseeing in Italy, and it’s completely free.

For a great Rome-specific app, try this Rome travel guide. It has offline maps and great insider tips! One of the best travel guide in Italy for sure!



If you have to travel in Italy, then the train is a must. Want in-depth information on train schedules and to purchase the ticket of your journey by train with only one click? ProntoTreno is the app you want to get. Bonuses include: train schedule timelines, reservation changes, and refund requests from your phone. You can also check the status of any train daily and its punctuality.

Cost: Free



What’s the best way to decide whether you want to visit a place or not? Photos! What’s the best app for checking out beautiful Italian photographs? Fotopedia Italy! This app has a vast catalog of glorious Italian pictures that will entice you to explore hidden gems in Italy.

Cost: Free