15 Best Gourmet Restaurants in Naples & Amalfi

Finding highly rated restaurants in Naples could actually be one of the most worthwhile ways to spend time in this beautiful region.

Naples restaurant menus are often replete with some of the highest quality options that people can find. Local fishermen will be bringing in a wide range of fish and shellfish, which will invariably be incorporated i these dishes.

But guests may need a quick rundown to find the best restaurants in Naples.


Along the Amalfi coast, every guest will appreciate the view that this location provides. This has actually made it a top rated venue for many travelers headed in to the area. It is currently rated with a single Michelin star, but many will want to head here just for the ambiance.


This is actually one of the first restaurants to be developed on the Amalfi coast. It is a family owned establishment and has built up a reputation for offering some of the finest dining that people can find. It also just has a laid back atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.


Having been established back in 1973, this restaurant has cultivated a popular image among local residents. Many view it as an integral part of the community here. Though it is not rated by Michelin, it has accumulated plenty of positive customer and expert reviews for its amazing Neapolitan foodristorante1_g


This street side venue will certainly appeal to the tastes of anyone craving some authentic Neapolitan cuisine. The staff will do their best to make sure that the needs of everyone are well accommodated when they arrive.


This is a unique choice that many people will appreciate, since it doubles as an Italian eatery and sushi bar. This has helped it to become highly rated among Michelin critics and a top choice for modern cuisine in the area.


Given its special location, it has established itself as a premier restaurant in Naples. It has earned its Michelin star, owing to some of the special meals on the menu here. The staff will even do their best to help guests enjoy their stay when they arrive.


This is one of the top venues to find authentic Neapolitan pizza in the city and has been awarded a 2 star rating by Michelin. Visitors will appreciate the fine decor and excellent array of toppings that they can choose.


Established back in 1944, this has become a local favorite. The staff go all out when it comes to hosting major events and helping people feel welcome. It has down to earth cuisine that will be reflective of local Neapolitan culture.


Don Salvatore is a Neapolitan restaurant brand that for over sixty years has been synonymous with good taste. This place is highly rated by its visitors, especially for what concern the organization of events, so new guests will want to add it to their itinerary if they get a chance. napoli-pizze-pulcinella-sconto20-16959-WDO360-b


Many guests will find that there is something special about this pizzeria, since it has set itself apart from many other venues in the area. As a matter of fact, this pizzeria is the oldest of Naples and was founded in 1738 to supply vendors.


Since 1870, this restaurant has been serving some of the freshest Neapolitan pizzas to its guests thanks to the family Condurro. This has helped the restaurant to become ranked among some of the best Michelin rated pizzerias. The secret of this timeless success lies in using natural ingredients and the use of the ancient and proven method of leavening of the pizza dough.


Tradition, passion and a lot of method: these are the ingredients that Gino and Antonio put in their pizzas. Having been in Naples since 1935, there is no doubt that this restaurant has been highly rated all over the world. This is owing to the fact that it has put a modern twist on some classic recipes.


Pizzeria La Notizia is synonymous of home for Enzo Coccia, the famous Neapolitan Chef known all over the world. In his pizzeria Enzo applies tireless ancient techniques and traditions, using authentic Italian flavors, aromas and colors. Thanks to this, the pizzeria has become one of the premier pizza locations that have graced the listing of Michelin starred restaurants in Naples.


Eastern and Mediterranean flavors come together in this 1 Michelin starred gourmet restaurant, headed by the Chef Salvatore Bianco. Guests at this restaurant will be treated to a spectacular view of the local coastline. This could be a worthwhile experience for anyone looking for a reputable hotelier as well. restaurant


This restaurant’s philosophy is innovation while respecting the centenary culture and food traditions of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast. Made from a Neapolitan palace of the nineteenth century, this legendary restaurant needs to be at the top of every traveler’s “to do” list when they head to Naples.