Sammezzano Castle: elegant piece of architecture in Italy

Sammezzano Castle (in Italian: Castello di Sammezzano) is located in the picturesque area of Reggello, near Leccio, on the outskirts of Florence. Benefitting from the climate and natural beauty that typifies central Italy, Sammezzano Castle is one of the elegant pieces of architecture standing majestically in an area of outstanding natural beauty.Sammezzano Castle in Tuscany interior The castle is surrounded by a sizeable park which boasts dense, unspoilt woodland and offers tremendous panoramic views of the region. This beautiful castle was built in 1605 at the request of Ximenes of Aragon. It was bequeathed to and later redesigned by another generation of the Ximenes family, namely, Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes, who welcomed the then King of Italy, Umberto, to stay at the castle in 1878.

The castle is conveniently located just over 25 miles from Florence. The journey by car travels through idyllic countryside, taking little more than 45 minutes. Sammezzano is also easy to reach using public transport: simply head to the bus station in Florence and take a bus travelling towards Incisa Barberino, changing at Incisa in Val d’Arno, to take the bus to Leccio (which is within walking distance of Sammezzano Castle). The journey takes less than an hour and a half – and, as is the case in most of Italy, travelling from A to B takes you through magnificent natural beauty, making every moment worthwhile.

Il Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello exudes a fairytale-like atmosphere. Intricate, detailed Moorish artwork and carvings inside the castle provide a breathtaking backdrop and as a result, the castle has been used in numerous films and television programmes. Work is currently ongoing to raise funds to restore and re-open Sammezzano Castle.

The municipality of Reggello, which is home to Sammezzano Castle, is located in the province of Florence, in Tuscany. Originally known as Castelvecchio di Cascia, the area has been inhabited for many centuries, with written records dating back to the tenth century. The community today known as Reggello was established in 1773 thanks to legislation passed by Leopold, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1765 – 1790).

One of Reggello’s most famous landmarks is the Abbey of Vallombrosa, a Benedictine abbey situated in Vallombrosa forest. Another important personality lived and died in this castle, the marquis Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona, protagonist of the intellectual, social and political life in Florence between 1850 and 1870. A committee to celebrate the marquis and the castle has been founded in 2012, Comitato FPXA, whose aim is to organize cultural conventions and meetings, and collaborates with the property in order to arrange public openings.

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