Italian City Breaks: Do It in Style

We all agree that it’s hard to beat the breathtaking scenery of Italian countryside, but there’s also a unique charm in Italian cities that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. From the bustling city of Florence with all of the museums, to the boats of Venice, to the pizzerias of Naples, there is so much going on with the cities.

There are luxurious villas in and around these cities that can also provide a unique way to experience a city break in a stylish way that hotels simply cannot.

Florence City Break

When you are looking for a city break in Italy, Florence is known as the Renaissance capital. There are walking tours of the city and it’s possible to cross over the Arno River in order to take in all of the incredible sights. From museums to churches to small artisan shops, Florence (or Firenze to the locals) has a lot to offer.

Florence city break

When you are looking for a Florence city break, luxury villas can be used to provide you with a charming place to stay. Salvemini villa is stunning and provides all of the amenities to make you feel like a real Italian. It is the perfect retreat after a long day in the city and you can even take a few bottles of Chianti back to the villa to continue with the enjoyment of what Florence has to offer.

Venice City Break

Venice is most famous for its canals and when you want a city break in Italy, the city of Venice has much to offer. A Venice city break can include a gondola ride, a food and wine tour, as well as walks around the canal. Countless small bridges exist and there are also churches and the Doge’s Palace to investigate while in the city.

Venice Canal Grande

The countryside with the Dolomite Mountains is beautiful, but the city has so much culture that you don’t want to miss out. Luxury Villas can be used as your accommodations as opposed to staying in a hotel. Altana offers incredible proximity to the canals and all of the amenities you could ask for.

Naples City Break

Another popular city break in Italy is that of
Naples. It is the home of the singing pizzerias. The city has an incredible amount of nightlife and you can also enjoy plenty of food and wine tours. There are even places that will teach you how to make your own Napoli pizza and gelato. A Naples city break can keep you well fed and ensure you have your fill of excitement.


Whether you go with a significant other or the whole family, there are stunning Naples villas that can be used to provide you with elegant accommodations. San Carlo in the Amalfi Coast positions you close to all that Naples has to offer with an incredible view of the sea. Multiple guests can be accommodated and it will ensure that your city break does not involve being stuffed into a small hotel room.