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Villas in Pisa Area

Discover Charming Pisa Villas

Pisa city is is found on River Arno’s right bank on the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Tuscany. The city is known for its ancient palaces, the leaning tower, numerous historic churches, legendary bridges, luxury Pisa villas and charming Pisa accommodations offered to locals and visitors. Most of the architecture in Pisa is dated back centuries. The city has some of the best graduate schools in Italy. These include Scuola Normale di Pisa, Superiore di Pisa and the Sant’ Anna School of advanced studies.

A more specific location is the Piazza Dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) with the leaning tower and the baptistery of St John. It is over 50 metres tall with an interior containing fascinating acoustics.. It therefore has a unique style of gothic and Romanesque architecture. The baptistery is considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ordered by:
Page showing from 1 to 3 villas
Guests: 12/18
Bedrooms: 6/9 - Bathroom: 7/10
Position: in town, panoramic
Villa Style: Luxury
Weekly price  USD:
min: 3,140 - max: 8,060

This is a private, independent villa, but prices and surface area change according to the number of people.

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Guests: 14
Bedrooms: 7 - Bathroom: 8
Position: in town, panoramic
Villa Style: Charming
Weekly price  USD:
min: 3,360 - max: 5,300

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Il Pagliaio Pisa Area, Chianni
Florence & Tuscany
Guests: 4/6
Living-units: 4
Bedrooms: 1/2 - Bathroom: 1/2
Position: in town, panoramic
Villa Style: Traditional
Weekly price  USD:
min: 390 - max: 980

Minimum stay: 7 nights (sat/sat)
Page showing from 1 to 3 villas

The Leaning Tower of Pisa: an Italian symbol worldwide

An example of a well known landmark is the legendary leaning tower of Pisa. It is a freely standing bell tower constructed in 1173. The monument began leaning in five years due to lack of adequate foundation during its construction. It is currently leaning at an angle of 3.99 degrees. Located at Piazza dei Miracoli, it is one of the oldest structures in the square. The tower of Pisa is approximately 55 metres high.

Other major attractions in Pisa include, Duomo of Pisa, Piazza dei Cavalieri, Giardino Sotto, Porto di Boccadarno, Piazza dei Miracoli, Museo Dell’ Opera Del Duomo, Palazzo Blu, Cathedral of St. Raniera and Basilica Romanica di San Piero a Gardo among others.

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