Pasta with pesto sauce: a homemade recipe

Last month we proposed an Italian cooking classic: pizza. Today, however, we want to introduce another traditional Italian meal, which is typical of the Ligurian region but has by now become a true and real strong suit of the entire Italian cooking culture: fresh pasta with pesto sauce.

3055a7e6f7339d3233a19141598484c4The pesto pasta recipe that we are proposing is by Alessia Bianchi, author of the blog “Dolcezze di nonna papera” and founding member of Eatable, a cultural wine and food association located in Lake Como.

Alessia Bianchi was born in a small village on the shores of Lake Como where culture and tradition have been handed down for generations. She has a degree in philosophy and worked for 12 years in the human resources field taking care of recruitment. However, in 2013, she takes a brave decision and drops everything to devote herself 100% at her true passion being food and wine.

Here is her experience accompanied by a delicious recipe.

Last spring, while walking in the woods in my area, I smelled a definite garlic scent. I did not know where it came from but my friend showed me the plants and this is how I discovered wild garlic. Otherwise known as wild garlic (Allium ursinum L.), it is a bulbous, herbaceous, perennial plant that is not very tall, has large leaves and a pungent smell of garlic.

I informed myself and find out that ever since ancient times, man uses it as an aromatic vegetable (such as onion, garlic and leek). I collected a bit, quite a bit I would say, since there was plenty of it and I wanted to stock up. I tried to use it a little as garlic for cooking and a little to make ligurian pesto sauce, that I will need later as condiment for the homemade tagliatelle.

I like the fact of making a dish with my own hands and in this case, there is also the labor of the harvest.

How to make the pasta

Ingredients per person:

100 gr of flour

1 egg


Mix flour with the egg until desired mixture is obtained.

I used the famous pasta machine to form and cut the tagliatelle.ricetta-tagliatelle-al-pesto_69e3b2fd61b6e905f91d20f661841b54

How to make pesto sauce (also known as “Pesto Genovese”)


Wild garlic leaves

Pine nuts

Extra virgin olive oil

Cooking salt

Grated Pecorino cheese


Wash and dry the wild garlic leaves.

Put everything in a blender with a handful of pine nuts, salt, Pecorino cheese and a little bit of oil. Turn on at full speed. Add oil a little at a time until desired consistency is reached.

Cook the pasta in boiling salted water. Drain and drizzle with pesto sauce.