Italian Cheese: Parmesan Cheese vs. Grana Padano

Types of Italian cheese have certainly cultivated a distinctive image over the course of the past few years.

Parmesan cheese is among the types of cheese in Italy that has gained worldwide recognition as well.

Artisans are starting to hone their ability and offer people the chance to get involved with this production process. It may be helpful to gain an overview of the different types of cheese in Italy as well.

Italian cheese can be explored during a trip to the country, from Venice to Rome to Sicily, which can provide a comprehensive experience. Cheese from Italy is one of the best in the world, which makes it a must for people to try.


Parmesan is a popular addition to many different types of meals as well. This is thanks to the fact that it does pair well with many different dishes. As an Italian cheese, it has developed a reputation for being a mild version.

It does have its own distinctive taste, so it can be recognized by fans everywhere. It also has its own unique label, which will help people identify it as a unique cheese from Italy. Fans may want to make sure that they are getting authentic Parmesan cheese in Italy on their next trip to the country, which is only from Emilia Romagna’s region.

Grana Padano is another variety of best cheese in Italy that is undoubtedly drawing in attention.

Grana Padano can easily be a substitute of the Parmesan cheese, but unlike this last one, it does have a fairly unique texture, which is often considered an acquired taste. It is granular, which has prompted a few different types of changes over the years.


Connoisseurs have come to regard it as among the best cheese in Italy, which is a popular choice all around. It is often paired with wine, jams or other kinds of food. But it may best sampled sparingly until people can develop a taste for its special texture over time as well.

For those looking to travel to Italy, sampling Italian cheese is often a must. There are actually many different types of vineyards and other locales that will offer their own unique take on cheese production. This is why cheese from Italy has become well regarded as a type of art form.

As the best cheese in Italy, either of these varieties are largely a matter of personal preference. They do have their own distinctive appeal, which will draw in support from foodies from around the world.

Consumers will want to price Italian cheese and make sure that they link up with the right bargain.